Colloque / Séminaire

CECAM: Hot Colloids

The aim of this workshop is to bring together scientists who work on optically heated colloidal nanoparticles for different purpose, and who belong to different communities, thermal sciences, soft matter/statistical physics and nano-optics.

These researchers do no not have the opportunity to meet, as there is no conference organized on the subject. The field is clearly interdisciplinary, and we want to break the frontiers between the above mentionned communities. We think that only breaking the frontiers will help in identifying possible advances in the field. A three days workshop is well designed for this purpose.

Topics addressed during this workshop include:

-thermophoresis, thermoosmosis, Kapitza resistance

-hot microswimmers, collective effects

-solar energy conversion by nanofluids

-laser heated nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Pour en savoir plus

Contact :
Thierry Biben

Liste des horaires :

  • Du 11 juin 2018 au 13 juin 2018

    Conférence soutenue par la Faculté des Sciences et Technologies