Prospective students

Welcome to the Faculty of Science & Technology of Lyon 1 University. With nearly 8500 students and 3500 staff members, the Faculty is the largest academic unit in the University. Sticking to the Lyon 1 trademark "Developing knowledge and models today to prepare for tomorrow", the Faculty provides in large numbers high quality scientific education while being thoroughly committed to excellence and world class research.

The present pages aim at providing prospective foreign students with relevant information about the possibilities of performing studies within the Faculty of Science & Technology of Lyon 1.

The Faculty of Science and Technology consists of 7 Academic Departments:

Department of Biology
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Electrical Process Engineering (GEP) 
Department of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics
Department of Mechanics
Department of

Departments run courses and curricula pertaining to their respective fields. Research labs are associated with the Departments, according to their research activity fields. Most teaching staff in French universities are teacher-researchers, having a position in a research lab. Undergraduate studies are administered by the Faculty, while Graduate studies are essentially managed by Departments.