Consulting the course offer / Making up a learning agreement

  • Curricula: Most degrees are arranged within a scientific major (e.g. Biology, Mathematics, Physics,...) so that the vast majority of Lyon 1 students follow predefined educational programs (general overview of all available Licence programs at Lyon 1, in french). Degrees are named after majors (mention) and submajors (parcours). In the above cited webpage, selecting a Major+SubMajor program, you can reach the program contents (Liste des UE) and the syllabi of the associated courses along the semester organization scheme described above. Similarly, the Masters program offer can be checked at Offre de Formation Master
  • Catalog of courses: as an exchange student, and upon agreement with your home Institution, you may want to attend selected courses that are run by different Deparments (e.g. Maths and Biology, or Physics and Mechanical Engineering). The course search engine, based on a keyword search, may be more appropriate to perform a targeted search (french page). Depending on your search scanning range, you may search for a teaching unit (Unité d'Enseignement -UE or module) on a keyword basis or within a given specified range (Degree>Field>Major>SubMajor)
  • Scheduling compatibility of different courses: Teaching units of all Licence Degrees are scheduled in blocks or so-called Sequences. One teaching unit is associated with one sequence (i.e. defined halfdays within the week). There are five compatible sequences (Seq 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); a maximum number of 5 sequences fills up a full week workload. You may check the scheduling compatibility of the courses you chose by checking the sequence tagged course list, of the Fall (Automne) and Spring (Printemps) semesters, for the Licence degree.

Teaching units from Master degrees are not arranged in Sequences. Please refer to your relevant Student Exchange Teaching Coordinator for further information.

Please check useful details on the organization of studies at Lyon 1.