What kind of prospective foreign student are you: exchange student of free mover?

As a foreign student, you may have different statuses.

  • Exchange student: you are considered as an exchange student if you are already registered at your home University and you come as such to University Lyon 1. This implies that your home University has established an exchange agreement with Lyon 1. Partner universities are European (Erasmus program) and non-European (List of Exchange Partner Universities or Institutions). Coming as an exchange student:

    •  You are exempted from payment of tuition fees

    • Admission is guaranteed once your home Institution has agreed on sending you out as an exchange student

    • Your home Institution has the final decision on your academic success, based on the grades obtained within our grading system

    • You are taken care of by dedicated staff: Student Exchange Administrative Coordinators and Student Exchange Teaching Coordinators ("CMI"). SEACs and SETCs will assist you before your arrival and once you are on spot for administrative and course matters respectively. Feel free to contact them prior to your arrival (list of Student Exchange Teaching Coordinators per Department)

    • A student accommodation can be booked for you before your arrival

    • You may participate in visiting excursions of Lyon and nearby locations specifically arranged for exchange students

  • Free mover: you are considered as a free mover if you are enrolled in our partner universities, or if it is your personal will to come as such. As a free mover:

    • You pay for tuition fees (about 200 €/year for Licence/Master degrees - 550€ for Engineering studies - check tuition fees)
    • Application for admission at Lyon 1 is mandatory. The International Mobility Service will assist you in the application process (rules, conditions, procedures...) depending on your academic target.